Behind The Mask

Read bio below to learn how DMania went from living in a village in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa, to becoming a Medical doctor who raps.

Behind The Music

Silasbeats is a music composer, producer, blogger and is the executive producer on DMania's iLali To City Album. Visit his website for beats or info on how to make it in the music industry.

DMania is a man born from the ice of the misty Drakensburg mountains and moulded by the flames of their winter runaway fires. After listening to his music one may wonder what other musical beings dwell in the large shadow cast over the Eastern Cape landscape by these mountains, and if DMania had to battle them in order to become the self proclaimed ‘Bar King’.

Few know of his journey from dusty villages to walking the empty hallways of a hospital in the ghostly hours of the morning, disguised as a medical doctor. Even fewer know of his encounter with the African God of music Singqi, who according to legend gave DMania ‘The Book Of Rhyme and Rhythm’ for him to use against his enemies. This is the legend of DMania that will be told a hundred years from now, below is the true story of DMania TPO…

DMania TPO (Diliza Madinga) is a 28 year old medical doctor turned hip hop artist, from the small town of Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa (Now living in Johannesburg). A fan of hip hop from a young age, he was both  influenced and inspired by artists such as Ludacris, Eminem and Bone Thugs And Harmony.

The journey from Medical Doctor to musician has proven a difficult one for the artist as he always found himself grappling with the idea of quitting one to focus on the other. It was only after having completed his first mixtape in 2011 whilst still at medical school, titled The Peoples Opion under the name Dingomania, did he realise he could turn his passion into a career. Fast forward to 2017, two years after completing his studies, DMania finally made the decision to chase his dream by focusing on his passion for making music. He has since become an advocate for dreamers, who feel trapped in their nine to five, to pursue their dreams. The MD turned MC hopes to create a success story that will not only inspire the young, who feel trapped by their parents expectations, but also those from an older generation who are still seeking true fulfilment. 

DMania’s music is similar to that of rap music from the 90’s and early 2000’s with a blend of kwaito. His witty nature often reflects through his music in a satirical manner and he often displays his versatility by effortlessly switching from English to his home language of isiXhosa. He has begun to receive praise for rapping about important issues such as abuse towards women (Song: Tonight Remix) and the stigma around suicide. He continues to create awareness and tackle issues that no-one wants to talk about – often issues that many young South Africans experience and want to hear in popular music. So, when long time friend and producer Silasbeats told him that every rapper needs a slogan, it seemed appropriate that DMania chose: “The People’s Opinion” (TPO)  to reflect the underlying messages in his music.

His latest album titled iLali To City was released in August 2017 and features his debut single Pantsula. The title reflects the theme of this musical collection and describes DMania’s journey from the village (iLali) to living in the major cities of South Africa. The album is available for streaming and downloading on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and many other online platforms.

To take a look at the man behind the surgical mask, DMania can be found on social media @dmaniatpo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Click Here to sample some of DMania's music or follow him on Sound Cloud


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